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Contract Law Revision Hangman on Discharge by Performance


Discharge by performance hangman

1. Cutter v _________  - A widow was not entitled to claim for the time her husband had worked on the ship because he died before completion.
2. Ritchie v _________ - D had to pay for the cargo that had been carried as they had agreed a price per ton.
3. Bolton v ____________ The defendant did not have to pay for the installation of central heating as there was no substantial performance.
4. ________v Isaacs - There was substantial performance of the contract to decorate the flat.
5.________v Hedges - D did not freely accept partial performance so did not have to pay for the work the claimant had done.
6. A contract requires full performance to be discharged unless it is a __________ contract.
7. A person may claim on a quantum meruit basis where the promisee __________performance.
8. ________v Colburn - the claimant was half way through writing the book when the publisher cancelled the series.
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Contract Law Revison Hangman on Discharge by Performance