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Criminal Law Revision Hangman game on Diminished Responsibility



Diminished responsibility hangman

1. Diminished responsibility requires an abnormality of the _______ functioning.
2. The abnormality must be caused by a ___________ medical condition.
3. The abnormality must have substantially _________D's mental ability
4. The impairment may relate to D's ability to form a __________ judgment.
5. In this case the defendant killed and mutilated a young lady staying in a YWCA hostel.
6. According to this case, even though acute intoxication is a medically recognised condition, it could not be relied on to find diminished responsibility.
7. Diminished responsibility is found in s.2 of the __________ Act 1957.
8. The impairment may relate to D's ability to understand the ___________ of their conduct.
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Criminal Law Revision Game on Diminished Responsibility