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Contract Law Revision Hangman - Unfair Terms


Unfair terms hangman

1. _________v Marlborough Court Hotel  - A term must be brought to the attention of the other party before or at the time the contract is made.
2. __________v Barry UDC - A deck chair collapsed causing personal injury.
3.__________v Graucob - Sale of a faulty cigarette machine.
4.__________v Chemical Cleaning - A wedding dress was damaged by the cleaners.
5. ___________v LMS Railway - An illiterate woman was injured getting off the train.
6 Interfoto Picture Library v ___________ - Onerous terms require greater steps to bring it to the attention of the other party.
7. Spurling v _________ - A term may be incorporated by previous dealings.
8. ________v New Garage - Penalty clauses will not be enforced, liquidated damages clauses are valid.
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Contract Law Revision Hangman on Unfair Terms