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Contract Law Revision Hangman on Conditions, Warranties and Innominate Terms


Contractual terms hangman

1. _____________ v Spiers - A condition is a major term going to the root of the contract.
2. ____________v Gye - A warranty is a minor term not central to the existence of the contract.
3. Hong Kong Fir Shipping v ____________ - introduced the innominate term approach.
4._____________v Wickman Tools - The label the parties give to a term is not conclusive.
5.____________ North Central v Butterworth - Prompt payment was a condition of the contract.
6. The Mihalis ___________ - Expected ready to load clause was a condition.
7 & 8 _________ Corporation v ___________ - A term relating to notice of readiness to load was a condition.
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Contract Law Revision Hangman on Conditions, warranties and innominate terms