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Tort Law Revision Hangman on Occupiers' Liability


Occupiers' liability hangman

1. Wheat v ___________set the test of occupational control.
2. Poisonous berries were considered an allurement in this case.
3. White v ____________ - the claimant was catapulted into the air by the negligently assembled ropes at the jalopy races.
4. __________v Folkestone Properties - the claimant was injured diving off a slipway in Folkestone harbour.
5. __________v Newbery - the defendant was ordered to pay damages when he shot an intruder.
6.___________v Congleton - The claimant was not classed as a trespasser despite repeated trespass and inadequate steps taken to prevent swimming and diving in the lake.
7. Roles v ____________ - two brothers died of carbon monoxide poisoning in this case.
8. ________v Taylor - a fireman was awarded damages for the serious burns and scolds suffered in fighting a fire at the defendant's house.
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Tort Law Revision Hangman on Occupiers Liability