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Criminal Law Revision Hangman - Mens rea - Reckless


Mens rea - reckless hangman

1. A type of test concerned with the defendant's state of mind.
2. A type of test which judges the defendant according to the standard of a reasonable man.
3. This type of recklessness is subjective.
4. This type of recklessness no longer exists.
5. A case involving a 14 year old girl, white spirit and a box of matches.
6. Two boys burnt down a Co-op supermarket in this case.
7. This case established that Cunningham recklessness applies to all non-fatal offences against the person where recklessness is required.
8. Subjective recklessness applies to rape according to this case.

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Criminal Law Revision Hangman on mens rea - reckless