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Criminal Law Revision Hangman - Loss of Control Defence


Hangman - voluntary manslaughter, loss of control defence


1. The loss of control defence is set out in s.54 of the  ______________ and Justice Act 2009.
2. The loss of control must be caused by a ____________ trigger.
3. For the defence to succeed, the jury must be satisfied that a person of D's age and sex with a normal degree of __________ and self-restraint, might have reacted in the same or similar way as D.
4. The fact that a thing done or said constituted sexual __________is to be disregarded.
5. A person may not raise a qualifying trigger if they ________________ the thing done or said or the violence.
6. In this case a husband killed his wife after she revealed she had sexual relations with other men and taunted him about looking at suicide websites.
7. Where the trigger relates to things done or said, it must constitute circumstances of an extremely ________character.
8. There is no longer a requirement that the loss of control be ____________.
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Criminal Law Revision - Hangman on the Loss of Control Defence