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Criminal Law Revision Hangman - Constructive Manslaughter


Constructive manslaughter hangman

1. In this case D threw stones down a mineshaft causing a collapse.
2. D threw a box into the sea which hit a swimmer in this case.
3. This case involved two boys playing with a revolver.
4. According to this case, constructive manslaughter can not be committed by omission.
5. D's mistress staggered and fell on to the razor blade he was holding in this case.
6. This case set the definition of dangerous act.
7. This case, involving the supply of heroin, had two appeals at the Court of Appeal and one in the House of Lords.
8. The victim in this case died when she was knocked over in the post office queue and broke her hip.
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Criminal Law Revision - Hangman on Constructive Manslaughter