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Criminal Law Revision Hangman Game on Burglary


Burglary hangman

1. The case in which the defendant climbed up a ladder to the complainant's bedroom window wearing only his socks.
2. The defendant smashed the window of an Argos store and leaned in to take out the goods in this case.
3. The fire brigade had to remove the defendant who was found wedged in a window having attempted to get in.
4. The defendant took a knife from the kitchen and used it in the burglary.
5. The defendant was caught committing burglary with a knife on him. He did not use the knife nor did he intend to use it.
6. In this case the defendant went behind a counter in Debenhams and opened the till.
7. This case concerned a lorry container and whether it constituted a building.
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Criminal Law Revision Hangman Game on Burglary