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Criminal Law Revision Hangman on the Defence of Automatism


Defence of automatism hangman

1. In this case a lorry driver sneezed whilst in a queue of traffic causing him to hit the car in front.
2. A diabetic suffering from hypoglycaemia may have the defence of non-insane automatism according to this case.
3. D stole a can of coke and a sandwich whilst suffering hypoglycaemia in this case.
4. D's Post Traumatic Stress Disorder was held to be caused by external factors and therefore classed as non-insane automatism in this case.
5. Broome v ___________
6. D hit V with an iron bar whilst in hypoglycaemic state in this case.
7. The involuntary action must arise from an ___________ source.
8. Automatism must not be self ___________.
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Criminal Law Revision Hangman on the Defence of Automatism