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Criminal Law Revision Word Search on Self -defence/ Prevention of Crime


Public and private defences word search
Try the word search on self-defence/prevention of crime defence in criminal law and find words from case names relating to the law of public and private defences in criminal liability. You will be given a score depending on the time it took you to find the words. Try it as many times as you wish as it will generate a new game each time.

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~~ R v Gladstone Williams ~~ Beckford ~~ R v McGrath ~~ R v O'Grady ~~ R v Hatton  ~~
~~ R v Scarlett ~~ R v Owino ~~ R v Martin ~~ R v Julien ~~ R v Cannes ~~
~~ R v Bird ~~ R v Keane ~~
Criminal Law Revision Word Search on Self-Defence/Prevention of Crime