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Criminal Law Revision Hangman on Self-Defence


Self-defence hangman

1. R v ___________ Williams
2. Mr ___________ was a police officer who shot a man believing that he was armed.
3. Where the defendant is voluntarily intoxicated and mistakenly believed they were under attack they can not raise self-defence according to this case.
4. Where the defendant is intoxicated and actually under attack, s. 76(3) Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008 has no application according to this case.
5. In this case a publican ejected a drunken customer from his pub.
6. The question of whether D used reasonable force is decided objectively according to this case.
7. This case established that the court can not take into account characteristics of the defendant in assessing whether the force used was reasonable.
8. D punched her ex-boyfriend in the face with a glass in this case.
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* * *Criminal Law Revision Hangman on Self-defence