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Criminal Law Revision Word Search on Duress of Threat


Duress of threat word search
Try the word search on the defence of duress of threat in criminal law and find words from case names relating to the law of duress of threat in criminal liability. You will be given a score depending on the time it took you to find the words. Try it as many times as you wish as it will generate a new game each time.

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~~ A-G v Whelan ~~ R v Hasan ~~ R v Cole ~~ R v Hudson & Taylor ~~
~~ R v Valderamma-Vega ~~ R v Graham ~~ R v Bowen ~~ R v Flatt ~~
~~ Abbott v The Queen ~~ DPP for NI v Lynch ~~ R v Howe & Bannister ~~ R v Gotts ~~
~~ R v Sharp ~~ R v Shepherd ~~ R v Fitzpatrick ~~ R v Ali ~~
Criminal Law Revision Word Search on The Defence of Duress of Threat