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Criminal law revision

Law of Burglary revision game

The law of burglary is set out in s.9 Theft Act 1968. There are two ways in which burglary may be committed: there is a s.9(1) (a) offence and a s.9(1)(b) offence. In addition there is a crime of aggravated burglary set out in s.10. Burglary under s. 9(1)(a) is where the defendant enters a building or part of a building with intent to steal, inflict GBH or unlawful damage. For this offence there is no need to prove that they did actually steal or cause GBH or unlawful damage it is having the intent to do so at the time of entry that is required. Conversely, for a s.9(1)(b) it must be established that the defendant committed theft or attempted theft or committed GBH or attempted to commit GBH on a person in addition to establishing they entered a building as a trespasser. some key cases on the law of burglary include R v Collins, R v Brown and  R v Walkington.